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Development bot revisions

This is information Wire shared in the Project Victor Discord. I am saving it here for reference.

vector revisions:

  • dvt1 - jet black plastics, white speaker. all are running firmwares which don't do much and have very strange partition tables
  • dvt2 - glossy gray plastics. most have webviz, and can do basic behaviors. also have strange partition tables but some were upgraded to dvt3 later on
  • dvt3 - looks like dvt2. most can be upgraded to latest dev firmware, and even have unlock OTAs. body board is strange though. touch and laser dont work in later firmwares. if you are willing to run 0.10-0.12 betas, this is for you.
  • dvt4 - last dvt revision. looks like retail but with misplaced serial number. may not be upgradable to later firmware
  • pvt - last batch before production. started off prod but many were unlocked at Anki. if there is one who isnt unlocked, there is a good chance there is an unlock OTA which can turn him dev
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