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A Dismantled Vector

For your utter horror, here is an image of a dismantled Vector. Have no fear, it was a dead one with a defect CPU unit. I will most probably revive it later, if and when I get another defect one from Ebay as an organ donor. It is not dismantled completely, you can take some parts further apart, but this is enough for a lot of things to mod, e.g. changing the battery or adding a heatsink.

The quality of the small robot is amazingly good, using serviceable parts and sockets instead of soldering everything together. That is in my opinion one cause for the original higher price.

Disclaimer: The yellow-black-silver elongated thingies are not part of the robot. ;)

  • 01 display plexiglass cover (head front)
  • 02 inner body closure plate
  • 03 treads
  • 04 front wheels
  • 05 front wheel caps
  • 06 head side plates
  • 07 screws and forklift axis
  • 08 head side ornaments
  • 09 back wheels
  • 10 back wheel caps
  • 11 head side parts (left and right)
  • 12 robot body right side (with fork motor)
  • 13 robot body left side (with head motor)
  • 14 backplate with button, LEDs, microphones and touch sensor
  • 15 “butt” plate
  • 16 main CPU unit and display (not shown, on the back)
  • 17 front plate and laser scanner holder
  • 18 weight
  • 19 motor control, charging board and front sensor (difficult to see above the battery)
  • 20 battery
  • 21 forklifts and fork


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